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The decision to enter counseling was one I made with great apprehension; throughout my life I struggled to find a therapist who I truly felt comfortable enough with to work through my anxiety issues and obsessive-compulsive disorder with. Stefani immediately made me feel comfortable, safe, and free of judgement. Stefani’s approach has been ideal, providing me with a variety of strategies tailored to my needs and comfort zone. Working with Stefani has led me to grow and improve my well-being. Not only am I meeting my counseling goals, she has helped me progress far faster than I could have imagined.





I contacted Stefani for advice about our 4.5 year old wetting his pants 3-7+ times a day. He had been potty trained for over a year so my husband and I knew that he could physically use the bathroom, without these frequent accidents; therefore, we suspected it was something behavioral.  She listened to every detail of the situation and asked questions about what was going on in our lives, to help figure out the "why".  We were able to make an easy plan involving a sticker chart and reward system (rewards were special activities with mom or dad, or small trinkets) and she advised to treat the accidents in a matter of fact way. With the new system in place,  his accidents dramatically decreased! With the help of Stefani, we were able to quickly help our son get through this challenge. We are very grateful for her wisdom! 





My work with Stefani has been invaluable as I am learning to better navigate the challenges in my life. She creates a welcoming environment, and I feel very comfortable in our sessions. Stefani is professional while also friendly and warm, and she is supportive in that our time together helps me to support myself. I would highly recommend her services to anyone facing a difficult time, or needing a safe and supportive resource during a time of healing and growth.



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